Let me just tell you that one of our boys is GUARANTEED to choose THE worst possible time in any given day to feel the urge to do his business. And then, when nature calls, there’s no stopping him. Needless to say, this has led to many comical situations.

And needless to say, when we are hiking is no exception.

Despite being told to go to the toilet before we leave home, and again at the start of the trail, if there’s a toilet there, he inevitably needs to go to the toilet at the worst time. Always. No exception.

One of these boys is the culprit …. I’m not saying who.

Maybe you have a kid like ours, or maybe your kids are better planners, but if you spend enough time in the bush, eventually you are going to deal with this, and it is better to be prepared than not.

So here are our tips for taking kids to the toilet in the bush:

Number Twos-

What to take on every hike- (you’ll need it if you don’t)
– Small hiking shovel (Like this one)

– Toilet paper
– Wipes (optional)
– Hand sanitizer

1. Find a private spot at least 60m from the track, campsite or any water source (creeks, rivers or dry watercourse)
2. Dig a hole 6-8 inches/ 15-20cm (You’ll be glad you have that shovel!)
3. They do their business in the hole
4. Wipe off with toilet paper (or leaves if you don’t have any). Bury the toilet paper well or take it with you in a zip lock bag.  If you use wipes, don’t bury those, take them with you.
5. Fill in the hole and cover with sticks and leaves.


For boys, this is pretty straightforward, but the 60m rule from above should still apply to water sources.  Peeing right near the track is pretty gross, so find a tree off the track a bit.
For girls, they just need to find a private spot and if they need to wipe with a bit of toilet paper, then take it with you in a zip lock bag.

Don’t leave a mess for others to find – there’s nothing worse!

Don’t stress

Toileting in the bush isn’t something to worry about. Just pack what you need, and deal with it when it happens. It’s really not a big deal, trust me, I know.