Location:  Link Rd, Selwyn Area in Kosciuszko National Park

Cost:  Free

Link to National Parks Info

In this post:

  • Three Mile Dam Campsite
  • TMI about the toilet
  • Things to do in the area including caves, thermal pools, hikes, seeing wild horses and more …

Finding Tranquility

We had been travelling and camping with another couple of families for a couple of weeks and had a great time with them, but our travelling companions had to return to the rat race.  We had a bit longer so we made our way home via Kosciuszko National Park.  After camping for a couple of weeks in busy caravan parks, which is not really our thing, we really needed to escape to the bush for some more remote camping.

As we drove through the mountains from Victoria to NSW, we stopped for lunch and an ice-cream at Corryong, where Jack Riley, The Man from Snowy River is buried.  We really loved this place and would love to return to spend more time here.

Eli Bennie, Sons of Adventure
Entering Kosciuszko National Park

We took the road through the mountains and used the WikiCamps app to find a free campsite for the night: Three Mile Dam was where we ended up.

Three Mile Dam Campsite, Northern Kosciuszko National Park

Tranquility at Last!

We literally sighed.  There were other people camping here, but it was still so peaceful and beautiful.  We decided we couldn’t leave straight away so we stayed for a few days and we used this spot as our base to explore the Northern Kosciuszko region.

Three Mile Dam, Selwyn Area, Kosciuszko NSW

The Toilet

For me, one of the most significant parts of this campsite is the toilet, and that’s because I spent an inordinate amount of time there.  Not actually ON the toilet, but in the toilet stall.  It’s worth mentioning that this toilet was definitely the cleanest drop toilet that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot. That is- it was clean before Cadel arrived.  Poor boy.  He had just picked up a gastro bug and when we arrived at Three Mile Dam, he needed to go to the toilet about 8 times a day, and 2-3 times per night.  Because he was only 7, he needed supervision and help.  Lucky me!  On the bright side, we did have a bit of excitement when a baby brown snake slithered through, between where I was standing and where Cadel was sitting on the toilet.

Three Mile Dam - Sons of Adventure
Managed to capture this when Cadel wasn’t on the toilet!

The March Flies

It’s an alpine region in the summer, so you expect flies, but these were big march flies and there were tons of them. They were vicious so we were constantly applying insect repellent.  Still, we loved this spot and would go back.

The Dam

We swam in the dam, which was lovely and refreshing.  We bought Eli a fishing rod from Cabramurra so he could try to catch trout.  He didn’t catch any but had fun trying (until his line got tangled …)

Fishing for Trout at Three Mile Dam

Things to do in the region:

Yarrangobilly Caves and Thermal Pools

We visited Jersey Cave and it was really great.  The boys really enjoyed learning about how the different shapes in the caves were formed.  A highlight was when we were in the deepest part of the cave and we all turned off our torches.  Complete darkness and silence!  Link to more info

Sons of Adventure
Zach and Cadel

To get to the thermal pool, it was a fairly arduous walk downhill.  Longer than I expected, and there were a lot of people there.  The pool looked like a normal 25m pool, but with green moss growing on the walls.  Because it was a hot day and the water was warm, it really wasn’t refreshing and then we had the long walk back up the hill.  I would love to swim in the thermal pool on a really cold, maybe snowy day, but I don’t think I’d do it again on a hot day.  It was still fun, though.


We visited the highest town in Australia, situated at 1488m.  There is an information centre and a small convenience store and you can post a postcard from the highest post office in Australia while you are there.

We went to the lookout and had a BBQ lunch which we really enjoyed.  As always in alpine areas in summer, we had to fight to keep the flies off our food.

BBQ at Cabramurra, Australia’s highest town

Wild horses

Driving along the Snowy Mountain Highway, we could see a mob of wild brumbies off the side of the road, and another coming down the hill on the other side of the road, so we pulled over so we could have a good look.  I got talking to a lady who had just been camping at Blue Waterholes that is nearby.  What she told me about it convinced me that we must return the following year to camp there, and we did.  Read our blog about Blue Waterholes here. While Blue Waterholes is a more spectacular spot to camp, it’s very remote so Three Mile Dam is a better spot if you want to get out and about and explore the region.

Sons of Adventure
Wild Brumbies in Kosciiuszko National Park

Gold Seekers Track

This short 3km hike leaves from across the road from the entry to the Three Mile Dam Campsite.  It was an easy hike, except that I had to piggy back Cadel for a lot of it.  He had recovered from the gastro virus but he was still weak, and because I did this hike with the boys while Scott went for a long cycle, I got a bit more of a workout than I had planned.  The track was great with a variety of landscapes and it was interesting to see the historical artifacts and read about the gold mining history in the area.  Read about the hike here.     More walks in the area.

Sons of Adventure
Gold Seekers Track


We didn’t get a chance to have a look here, but I wish we did.  I love learning about the history of the places that we visit, and sharing this with Scott and the boys.  This is a spot with a lot of interesting history, and next time we are in the area, we will definitely check it out.  Link to more info.


Scott went on some awesome long road rides when we were camping at Three Mile Dam.  This area has everything that a cyclist would want – beautiful views, steep climbs and altitude.  Scott was in heaven!

Cycling in Kosciouszko National Park

So I would say that despite having to spend way too much time in the toilet with Cadel, Three Mile Dam was still great!  We loved camping here and had a great time here resting and enjoying the peace.  There is a lot to do in the area, and we would definitely recommend it!