Column By Kate Bennie

Featuring: Sons of Adventure







Adventure is in the heart of every boy – and all kids for that matter, but as a mum of three boys aged 9, 11 and 13, I know how hard it can be sometimes to get them to disconnect from technology and to engage with real life.

My husband, Scott and I have decided to be intentional about getting the boys into nature to experience adventure because we know that adventure is a really great alternative to technology – exciting, challenging and fun, it gets them moving and it is undoubtedly real life!

And we’ve noticed benefits – the boys are becoming more independent, resilient, responsible and have an improved attitude.  Yep, even our teenager!

“Sons of Adventure” started because along the way, we decided to share our adventures on social media to encourage other families.   We’ve gained followers from around the world who share their stories with us and who love seeing our photos from amazing locations in the Scenic Rim and other parts of Australia.

Here in the Scenic Rim, we are surrounded with opportunities for adventures, both big and small, but it’s easy to take it all for granted.  It’s possible to be too busy with other stuff and not get out and explore our amazing area.  Sometimes we have to make adventure a priority.

The beauty of adventure is that it is totally subjective.  While one family might embark on a multi-day trek in the mountains, another might set off for an afternoon bike ride, and both can be adventures.

After all, adventure is “an unusual and exciting or daring experience”.

So as long as the experience is a bit different, new or unusual,   it can be an adventure.  With kids involved, it’s not difficult for it to be exciting or daring … whether that’s for them or you!

To get started, look at your local area with fresh eyes and find something that is age appropriate and is challenging but possible for your family.   Book it into your calendar and get out there and do it!

We are going to be sharing some of our favourite adventures with you each month and we hope to see you out on some of the local trails.

Winter Walks:

The cooler weather at this time of year is ideal for hiking.  If you haven’t already tackled these local peaks, then now is the time to get started.  These three peaks are great for kids and families, but they all have cliff faces near the track, or at the summit, so close supervision of small children is necessary.

Mt Edwards

This is a sharp climb on a well-defined path that starts with walking across the dam wall at Haigh Park, Lake Moogerah.  This walk is a great aerobic workout are has some nice views on the way up and at the top.

Mt Mitchell

This is a rewarding hike with great views along the Main Range.  The track starts at Cunninghams Gap and then winds around the mountain as it climbs in altitude.  It’s not a difficult hike, and the track is well marked.  The summit is quite exposed and surrounded by cliffs.

Mt Cordeaux

Also heading off from Cunninghams Gap, the track to the top of Mt Cordeaux is well-defined and easy to follow.  It starts through stunning rainforest with buttress roots and bell-birds.  As the track climbs, the views reward your efforts.  The lookout is just below the summit and you can sit and enjoy your lunch there or continue onto Bare Rock where the views are even better!