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It’s great to travel and explore exotic locations far away, but I think sometimes we take for granted the opportunities for adventure that are right at our doorstep.  That’s what Sons of Adventure is all about- making the most of life’s adventure opportunities.

Scott and I have recently started an experiment to see just how simple and quick we can make family adventure and our experiment involves quick overnight camping trips with Zach , Eli and Cadel in nearby locations.

Just how simple and accessible can adventure really be?

Camping at Mount French

Despite living in Boonah for over 13 years, it never really occurred to us to camp at Mt French.   But why not?  There are a couple of campsite that are accessible by car, you just need to book on the National Parks website.  We recently spent a night up there and it was really cool!

I have walked to the lookout on the Logans Lookout Track (720m) dozens of times before, but I had never walked the Mee-bor-rum Circuit before, so we did that.  This is a really easy 840m walk to a spot where through the trees you can see a nice view of the mountains to the East.

We watched the sunset at the lookout on the Logans Lookout track, and then after dinner we returned to see the night view.  It was a crisp, clear night and the stars were out.  There were a lot more lights in the countryside than we expected, and it was really interesting to watch the lights of the trucks and also to pick out different locations based on the position of the lights. Simple fun, and I can’t believe we haven’t done it before!

Camping Spicers Gap and Sunrise at Governors Chair

Another local overnight camp we’ve done this month is camping at Spicers Gap which included getting up before dawn to drive up the road and watch the sunrise while enjoying the spectacular view at Governors Chair (300m walk from the carpark).

Spicers Gap campground was really peaceful and beautiful and we had it all to ourselves- once again, it’s a short drive from home.

In the morning, it was so special watching together as a family as the red glow of first light dissipated the night sky.  The sky was a canvas of ever-changing hues of red and gold until the sun peeped over the mountains.  The boys have told me that watching the sunrise was what made this trip memorable.

Each of these camping trips was about 16 hours in total.  We kept it simple.  We picked one or two simple things to do.  We are so glad that we took time to hit the “pause” button and sneak out for these quick adventures – well worth the effort!

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