We recently did the Yuraygir Coastal Walk as a family.  It was a 65km hike and we did it in five days.  As with all multi-day hikes, weight and size of equipment is an important factor, but this is even more true when some members of your party are children and can’t carry their share of the weight.

Both these tents are light and pack down very small so they were easy to fit into our packs.  Overall, we thought they performed really well.  Here are some more details:

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 2


Trail Weight    879g
Packed Weight    1.1kg
Fast Fly Weight    652g
Packed Size    10 x 48cm
Floor Area    2.6 sqm
Vestibule Area    0.7 sqm
Head Height    102cm


  • Very lightweight
  • Good quality fabric and zips
  • Easy and very quick to put up
  • Nice design to maximise internal head space, not claustrophobic
  • Great length, long enough for tall people
  • Packs up small
  • The vestibule area is handy
  • Scott and Cadel once used it in a storm on an exposed peak and they stayed dry
  • Performed well in very windy conditions


  • It is only just wide enough to fit 2 people (Would be very uncomfortable for 2 large people)
  • Being so light, the base is very thin and we were a bit worried it might get damaged (there is a footprint/ground sheet that you can purchase to protect the underside of the tent)
  • We prefer a side-opening tent like the Copper Spur

Essentially, this is the smaller of the 2 tents. It’s lighter and packs up smaller, but there is naturally less space.   Still, a great little tent and we were very happy with how it performed.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 2


Trail Weight    1.25 kg
Packed Weight    1.4 kg
Fast Fly Weight    964 g
Packed Size    10 x 50 cm
Floor Area    2.7 sqm
Vestibule Area    0.8 sqm
Head Height    102 cm

To look at the numbers, you wouldn’t think this tent is much bigger than the Fly Creek, but it does definitely feel bigger.  It’s also lightweight, packs up small and is easy to set up, but it feels like a tent that you could sleep 2 adults in.  In fact, we have slept 3 people in this tent (1 adult and 2 kids) and while it was quite cosy, it wasn’t ridiculous.  Here’s how we found it:

  • Also very lightweight
  • Love the side access on both sides (Don’t have to climb over each other)
  • Vestibule on either side is fantastic
  • Good ventilation
  • Length is good, would be fine for tall people
  • Easy to set up (our boys set it up without help)
  • Performed well on a very windy night


  • Like the Fly Creek, the floor feels delicate and we would have liked to have the footprint to protect the base.

We loved this tent, and it is handy that it’s big enough for 3 of us when necessary.

We would recommend both these tents as lightweight hiking tents.  They are comfortable, well designed and performed well for our family out on the trail.

For more details, great prices and service, visit the Wild Earth Website:

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 2

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 2