A SCENIC Rim father of three is encouraging dads in Ipswich to celebrate this Father’s Day outdoors.

Adventure lover and competitive mountain bike rider Scott Bennie said hiking, bike riding, canoeing or camping were a great Father’s Day activity are were accessible by everyone.

The Boonah local said that the trips were a fun way to recharge dad’s batteries and give everyone sense of achievement.

“It’s about getting away from technology, outdoors and doing something different, together as a family,” he said.

“The first place to start is in your local area and a great activity to start with is a short hike. The challenge level needs to suit the age range, experience and fitness of your family.”

Top 5 Father’s Day picks:

During a recent long weekend Mr Bennie and his family hiked nine of the Glasshouse Mountains while camping in the area.

He said that his expeditions with his three boys, aged 8, 10 and 12 have inspired him to create a social media campaign to encourage other families to press the pause button and prioritise adventure.

Rod Field, a teacher with 23 years’ experience in the outdoor adventure industry and founder of Higher Ground Australia said that getting outdoors with the kids was something all parents should try and do.

“As dads, we can be intentionally looking for places and spaces to invest in an experience and build the relationship that we want with our families,” he said.

“Getting away from technology and going camping or hiking together can restore the wonder – not just in the outdoors, but in each other as well.

“With so many diverse wilderness areas on our doorstep, the Ipswich region is one of the best areas in the world for family adventures.”

Mr Bennie, who created Instagram account @sons_ofadventure, said that life can become so frantic with the mundane that we forget to explore and create memories.

“Don’t overcomplicate things – the most important thing is to get out there and actually do it, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to get started,” he said.