This hike is to a spot with cascades, a weir and a convergence of three creeks.  It was an absolutely beautiful spot, and like all our hikes in the Gibraltar Range area, we had the place to ourselves.

The hike is 6km return, starts from Mulligan’s Hut and it’s classed as an easy walk.  This track is well graded and appears to be an old road.  You start out with granite sand underfoot, and then as the track descends you enter the rainforest.

Gibraltar Range Hikes

We saw lot of birds, lizards and even a snake on this walk.  It was a really pleasant walk but it wasn’t too long before Eli observed that the track was quite steep downhill.  It was a very warm afternoon, and he voiced his opinion that perhaps the return trip UP the hill might require a bit more effort.

We all agreed that we wouldn’t actually class this walk as “easy” for a lot of people.  It was quite steep ,so perhaps the “easy” label referred to the track surface rather than the amount of effort required.  Anyway, luckily our boys are fit and we didn’t get any complaints.

Gibralatar Range Hiking

As we descended, we saw a number of creeks and watercourses alongside the track.  The water was crystal clear and at the bottom of the hill, there was a stunning little creek with a mini waterfall.  Very quiet, secluded and amazingly beautiful.

Mulligans Hut HIkes

We followed the track a bit further, and found a deeper waterhole, a dark brown colour, presumably coloured with tanins from the trees surrounding it.  The creek we had just crossed ran into this pool, and as we walked a bit further, we saw another creek upstream, joining the main river, and then downstream, was a gorge.  The water then descended through a water chute in the rocks, and then a bit further down, there was a weir.

Murrumbooee Cascades

This weir is known as “the second weir”, part of a planned hydro-electric scheme by Bill Mulligan in the early 1900s, that never came to fruition.  The water here was deep enough to have a dip, and to play and explore, which we all did.  It was so cool and refreshing, and the boys all had a ton of fun.

Mulligans Hut HIkes

Nearly every walk we did on the Gibraltar Range was interrupted by a thunderstorm, and this one was no different.  Hearing ominous rumbling, we decided to start heading back.  The our youngest son, Cadel, misjudged the rock as he stepped on it to exit the creek area, and fell heavily on his arm.

Mulligans Hut HIkes
This is Eli. He made it across no worries

After settling him down and making a sling for his arm out of a little hiking towel, we dried his tears and encouraged him to start the hike back.  Thankfully it soon became obvious that there was no real damage done.

Family Hike Gibraltar Range

We were expecting a hard slog back up the hill, but it wasn’t as bad as we expected.  Although it was a bit steep, we didn’t have any trouble, and Scott and I were thankful there was no complaining.

This is a great hike for summer because you can cool off and explore the creek.