A perfect recipe for adventure at Mt Cordeaux

Column by Kate Bennie – Link to article

Two mountains stand like sentries, guarding the westernmost entrance into the Scenic Rim – Mt Cordeaux and Mt Mitchell.

They are impressive to look at but they are both really great options for families wanting to do a walk that is a bit of a challenge for young kids, without being overly steep or strenuous, with amazing views at the top.

Scott and I both agree that Mt Cordeaux is one of our favourite “easy” hikes and we love to hike up with the boys in the afternoon, eat dinner at lookout at the top then return back down the track by torchlight.

The track starts from the carpark at the top of Cunningham’s Gap and the moment you leave the bitumen, you step into lush rainforest with moss covered rocks and ancient giant trees with buttress roots.  Being so close to the highway, you can still hear the trucks for the first part of the hike, but soon enough it gives way to the sound of bellbirds, frogs, cicadas and other rainforest creatures.

The track is well graded and well signed, and it’s not particularly steep, although some level of fitness is required.   As we gained elevation, the track leads around towards the western side of the mountain and offers views towards the Darling Downs.  As you get higher, not only does the vegetation change, but for us the afternoon light was also changing rapidly.

Mt Cordeaux Sunset

We timed it perfectly so that we reached the lookout platform at the top of the hike just in time to enjoy the panoramic view while the eastern horizon reflected the changing red and gold hues of the sunset.  We sat, eating our dinner, watching carefully to spot the full moon when it started to rise above the smoky horizon.

Kate Bennie, Sons of Adventure

Needless to say…  it was pretty special.

Just a hike.  Just a mountain.  Just a sunset.  Just a moon-rise.   Just dinner.   But, put it all together and it really is a recipe for a family adventure that we’ll never forget.  Since we started sharing our adventures on social media as “Sons of Adventure”, we are constantly reminded that adventure is all around us.  We just have to take the time and make the effort as a family to get out and experience it. And after this hike, we can definitely say that Mt Cordeaux is worth the time and effort!

Mt Cordeaux

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