Spectacular views make climb up Mt Barney worthwhile

STANDING on the summit of Mt Maroon, my son Zach, 13, announced he wanted to climb Mt Barney.

Although not the highest at 1359m, Mt Barney is one of the most dominant peaks in south-east Queensland. There are multiple routes to the summit, some of which are a challenge to even the most intrepid adventurers.

One Sunday morning a few weeks later Scott and Zach, along with Zach’s mate Turin, were joined by our friend Peter to hike up the South East Ridge of Mt Barney. Peter has completed more than 50 ascents of the mountain in his time, so he was a great guide to have along.

Starting out in the chill of dawn they followed the track from Yellow Pinch. South East Ridge is a challenging route – a steep, uneven, unmarked track with some hairy exposed climbs. The views on the way up overlooking Mt Ernest and Mt Lindesay and towards the Border Ranges and Lamington Plateau are a pleasant distraction and a good excuse to take a breather.

The last part of the ascent involves some climbing and is really exposed. Zach found this part hard but loved the challenge and excitement of it. The South East Ridge route takes you right to the summit of the East Peak.

What a privilege it was for these young boys to be able to set themselves a challenge – a real, hard physical challenge on an iconic mountain like this and then to enjoy the satisfaction of making it to the top.

Descending, they took the safer, but still very steep track, South Ridge, also known as “Peasants Routeā€, enjoying the forest scenery on the way down.

The boys agreed it was the most challenging but best mountain they had hiked. As parents, we know that the perseverance and determination that is developed on these sorts of days can serve as a basis for facing future challenges in everyday life.

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Mt Barney is a rugged remote area, requiring navigational skills and local knowledge. Every year a number of people have to be rescued, so if you are thinking about hiking Mt Barney, it is recommended to go with a guide. Contact Horizon Guides or Mt Barney Lodge for more info.

Published 29 September: Scenic Rim Leader & Queensland Times