Flowing through the heart of the rainforest is a cool, crystal clear creek.  Walking along the track on the edge of the creek, amongst the moss covered rocks and exposed tree roots listening to the bubbling water and the rainforest birds. Peaceful and quiet.

Hiking with Kids, Washpool National Park

We were camping at Bellbird Campground at Washpool National Park and to get from our campsite to the creek, we walked on the short track to Coachwood Picnic Area, and then followed the track down to the creek, so a swimming hole, Coachwood Pool.  It’s an easy walk, with a bitumen path that is actually quite slippery from the moss growing on it.

We were the only ones at the swimming hole.  In fact, we didn’t see anyone for the entire walk.  To Coachwood Pool was about 400m, and we jumped in to cool off and have a swim.  The cold water immediately cooled us to the point of seeking out patches of sunshine to stand in.  The pool isn’t particularly deep, but it’s certainly deep and big enough for a quick dip to cool off.

Swimming at Washpool National Park

From there, we continued along the creek.  It was an absolutely beautiful walk.  I just couldn’t stop taking photos.  The boys were sharp enough to spot an eel in the water.  The water was so clear that I was able to take a photo of it, and we watched as it swam under a rock.

Exploring Coombadjha Creek
Can you see him?

Following the creek there were more fairytale scenes … I was expecting to see a hobbit around every corner.

Perfect for little kids

Family Hiking, Washpool National Park

This was a really awesome hike, that would definitely suit small children.  Even though it’s a short distance (1.4km), you might need to allow half a day for kids to explore and play in the creek.  Their imaginations will run wild, it’s a great place to explore.

Bridge at Coombadjha Creek, Washpool

If you want to add another section to the walk, instead of starting at Coachwood Picnic Area, you can start on Moogem Trail, just near the entrance to Bellbird Campground.  Follow that until just before the bridge, you turn right to go along the creek.  This section isn’t very well maintained and there are a couple of spots that you have to negotiate obstacles like fallen trees on the track.  It’s still not a difficult walk, and it really is a beautiful section of the creek.  So, if you are interested in a longer walk, check this option out.  This probably extends the total walk to 2.5km or so.