This is seriously one of the boys favourite things of all time.  An afternoon swim combined with the fun and thrill of jumping off the cliffs into the water sounds like a dream to my boys.   Scott and I have taken the boys and their friends to the gorge a couple of times, and we like to have a jump from the cliffs too.  It’s a great spot.


Firstly, there are 3 spots that are called “the gorge” around the Lake Moogerah area, which is pretty confusing, so let’s be clear about which one we are talking about.  This isn’t the gorge on Reynolds Creek, just below the dam wall, accessed via the road to the lookout behind the café.  There’s also a campground called “The Gorge” which is a bit further downstream on Reynolds Creek, accessed via Charlwood Rd.

The gorge that I’m talking about is actually in Lake Moogerah, and it’s on the other side of the lake from Haigh Park and the Caravan Park.

Cliff Jumping Lake Moogerah
Lake Moogerah Gorge


The fun and easy way to get to the gorge is by boat.  Eli has a mate whose family has a cabin at Lake Moogerah and they have a boat.  They’ve taken Eli to the gorge a few times, and I went to the gorge on their boat once too.  This is a far far superior way to access the area.

Another way to get there is to walk along the shore of the lake.  From Haigh Park, you walk across the dam wall and then when it’s safe to, climb around on the rocks to get down to the edge of the lake.

It takes about 30 minutes to walk to the gorge and it isn’t a pleasant walk.  When we took the boys and a group of their friends, it was very hot.  You are walking on big rocks, so you have to take care not to twist an ankle.  On this particular trip, there were quite a few dead fish on the shore, so the smell was really unpleasant.  Overall, it’s not a pleasant walk but it was worth the effort when we got there.

Cliff jumping Scenic Rim


The water is very deep here, so that’s not an issue.  Obviously jumping from the cliffs has risks involved so you need to make sure that kids (and you!) stay within ability level.  Kids need to be supervised closely.  At the time that we last visited, there were no signs to say that swimming and jumping from the cliffs in the area is not allowed.

There are no facilities in the area, so you need to take drinking water and snacks.  Don’t forget suncream and hats.  Covered shoes are needed for the walk.

So … while I didn’t find this a pleasant walk, I love seeing the boys and their friends have fun and they had the absolute best time ever.  So it was worth it.