This is an awesome little National Parks campground that has a remote feel to it, but is pretty easy to access.  It’s just over half an hour from home (Boonah) so it’s one of our local options for overnight getaways.  For people travelling from Brisbane, it’s about 1.5 hours drive.

It’s not suitable for caravans or camper trailers because you can’t drive into the camp sites– there are bollards preventing that.  Besides that, I’m not sure if it would be a great idea to tow a van up the road to get to Spicers Gap.  It’s pretty steep and 4WD is recommended in wet weather.

The road to Spicers Gap was the original road over the Great Dividing Range and it has a long and interesting history.  There is a historic “well” a bit further up the road that would have been used to water bullocks.  Read more history here.

The campsite itself doesn’t really have any views, but it is a really peaceful bush setting.

Spicers Gap Campground

The only amenities are composting toilets.

When we were there, we had the whole campsite to ourselves.  We camped here for one of our School Night Adventures.  We picked the boys up from school, drove up and set up camp.  We were really thankful to have an OzTent RV5 that goes up in about one minute flat.  When you are camping overnight, you need a tent that goes up quickly!

Dinner in a Thermos – quick and easy for a School Night Adventure!

After dinner, Scott and a couple of the boys drove up the road to Governors Chair to see if they could see a moonlit view of the valley below.  Governors Chair lookout is only a 300m return walk.


There are cliffs at the lookout, so make sure you supervise the children.


We woke the boys in the dark then next morning (not easy with a teenager!) and we drove up to Governors Chair to watch the sunrise.  Armed with blankets and sleeping bags, we trod up the steps to the lookout.  It was so special watching together as a family as the red glow of first light dissipated the night sky.  The sky was a canvas of ever-changing hues of red and gold until the sun peeped over the mountains.  The boys have told me that watching the sunrise was what made this trip memorable.

Sunrise at Governors Chair – Sons of Adventure

Once the sun was up, we headed back to the campsite to pack up and drop the boys off to school after breaky and a milo.

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