Binna Burra – An Easy Hike with Three Lookouts

Column by Kate Bennie- Link to article.

A microadventure is an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.  A perfect microadventure for families is a short hike, especially when there are great views on offer.  When we headed over to the Binna Burra section of Lamington National Park, we found a great walk with not one, but three lookouts in less than 6 kilometres of easy walking.

The boys and I started out on Ships Stern circuit and we enjoyed the coolness as we entered into the thick canopy of the rainforest.  This was just before the recent rain and everything was extremely dry – the parched ground, undergrowth, moss and lichen all looked like they were waiting in anticipation for a good drenching to return the humidity to the rainforest.

The track is well formed and although it is descending, it isn’t steep.  After a while, a sign indicates a track to the left to visit Bellbird Lookout.  Following this, the track leads you to a high clifftop that looks down Numinbah Valley and gives you a dramatic view of Ships Stern, Egg Rock and Turtle Rock.


We returned back to Ships Stern circuit and turning left, we continued further down that track.  It wasn’t long before we came to Koolanbilba Lookout.  This lookout faces down the same valley with Ships Stern on your right and Beechmont to your left, but with a different perspective to Bellbird Lookout.

Koolanbilba Lookout

Continuing on as the track does a zig-zag, we found yet another amazing spot – Yangahla Lookout.  Here it feels like you are walking out on a massive exposed rock hanging out over the edge.  Care must be taken at all these lookouts, especially with children, as they are all unprotected and are very high.

Yangahla Lookout

After Yangahla Lookout you return back the way you came, unless of course you wish to complete the full 19 km Ships Stern circuit.  We would have to return another day for that.

There is always so much to see when walking in rainforest – massive trees with buttress roots, epiphytes, strangler vines and much more.  Birds are in abundance in Lamington National Park and we could make out the songs lyrebirds and bellbirds as well as spotting little robins as they hopped around not far from the edge of the path.

This hike is easy and has many vantage points to enjoy the stunning vistas.  It’s a very rewarding walk with so much to see – a fantastic family microadventure!