About The Bennie Family

About The Bennie Family

About The Bennie Family

Kate Bennie

Kate Bennie - Mum & Entrepreneur

Swimming in a waterfall, Kate loves to be the first one in.  She also enjoys hiking, mountain bike riding, trail running, white water rafting, rogaining and anything that will give her a thrill.  She thinks there’s nothing better than a cuddle with one of the boys around the campfire after a long day of activity.

Kate’s a speaker, writer, columnist and YouTube Presenter and loves to share her passions of adventure and parenting.  She’s a social media expert who also specialises in PR for her clients in her business.

Kate uses her media and communication skills to promote the Sons of Adventure message to families across Australia and around the world.  Kate writes most of the blog posts and articles for Sons of Adventure, as well as writing Media Releases and communicating with sponsors and journalists.

Scott Bennie

Scott Bennie - Dad & Chief Adventurer

Scott is the adventure Dad!  He believes that adventure is in the heart of every boy, himself included and he’s passionate about family and spending time with his boys.  His father passed away when Scott was only 9 and so Scott is determined to be a dad who makes the time to build memories with his sons, and to build a deep relationship with each of them.

With a background in competitive cycling and mountain bike racing, Scott has recently added trail running to his repertoire.  Recent highlights for Scott have been riding the White Rim Trail in Utah and hiking up Mt Barney with his son, Zach.  Scott looks forward to many future adventures with his family.

Scott does the photography, videography and editing for Sons of Adventure, as well as creating most of the social media content.

Scott feels that being a Father is an adventure all of its own, and he doesn’t take it lightly.

The Boys - Zach, Eli & Cadel

Zach, Eli and Cadel are typical energetic boys who love to run, jump, ride and explore.  Like most kids, they also love computer games and spending time watching YouTube, which is why Scott and Kate understand the importance of getting the kids away from screens to have a real-life adventure.

The boys are keen sportsmen and between the three of them, they have competed at a state level in cross-country, AFL and swimming.  They have also been on the podium for the Ipswich Trail Run Series, Warwick Pentath-run Cross Country and the Giant 3PLUS3 Kids Mountain Bike Race.

They love a challenge and anything fun.

Favourite adventures so far:

Zach – Hiking up Mt Barney

Eli – Moreton Island Sea Kayaking Trip

Cadel – Fishing and exploring on Fraser Island